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Cost of living in Saudi Arabia is a major factor in the decision making process when relocating overseas. If your goal for overseas nursing is solely financial and you Endeavour to save for a mortgage or similar, then Saudi Is prefect for you. With salary paid tax free to you in Saudi and free accommodation provided, this country offers fantastic saving potential to help you achieve your financial goals.

Below is a basic breakdown of some of the common costs of living in Saudi Arabia. The below is a guide only. We have listed a few websites to help you conduct further research so you can assess your individual needs.



Grocery prices vary depending on which supermarket you choose to shop at. HyperPanda is a local grocery store with local produce. Danube is a more upscale grocery store stocking both local and imported goods. Many grocery stores have home delivery services.

2 Litre milk 8 SAR $3.09AUD $3.30NZD
15 large eggs 7.75 SAR $2.99AUD $3.22NZD
1kg Tomatoes 9.95 SAR $3.84AUD $4.13NZD
1kg potatoes 1.95 SAR $3.80AUD $4.13NZD
500g boneless chicken 6.95 SAR $2.68AUD $2.88NZD
Bread 4.25 SAR $1.60AUD $1.70NZD


Housing will be you’re biggest savings. All of our hospitals provide free, fully furnished accommodation for staff including utilities & electricity. Males have the option to move out of hospital provided accommodation and source their own housing, this is often covered by a housing allowance.  For a more detailed breakdown of housing please visit out Accommodation blog. 


Unlimited 5G internet 280 SAR/month $108AUD/month $116NZD/month


Petrol 0.82 SAR/L $0.30 AUD/L $0.34 NZD/L
Taxi 10 min ride 12.32 SAR $4.76AUD $5.12 NZD
Intercity train 80 SAR $30.90 AUD $33.23 NZD


Dinner for two 69 SAR $26AUD $28NZD
Movie tickets 60 SAR $23AUD $24NZD
Best available theatre tickets 100 SAR $38AUD $41NZD


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