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Nursing Overview Saudi Arabia – Embarking on a nursing career in Saudi Arabia requires a strategic process involving several key steps. From securing employment to obtaining nursing registration and work visas, it’s essential to plan ahead, as the process typically spans 4-6 months.

Employment Application

One of the perks of nursing in Saudi Arabia is the ability to secure employment before initiating nursing registration and work visa applications. The initial step involves submitting an updated CV and completed application forms. Successful candidates undergo an interview via online platforms like WhatsApp, Zoom, or Skype. Upon success, an official job offer letter is provided, accompanied by assistance in completing the necessary paperwork.

Nursing Registration Application

The Saudi Commission for Health Speciality (SCFHS) oversees nurse registration in Saudi Arabia, which involves several steps:

Dataflow Verification

Dataflow, an agency engaged by SCFHS, verifies qualifications based on submitted documents such as a Bachelor’s Degree, Academic Transcript, Current Nurse License, Statement of Service, and Passport Copy. This process typically takes six weeks.

Mumaris Plus Portal

After Dataflow’s verification, uploading the necessary information to the Mumaris Plus online portal is essential. SCFHS assesses the submitted data to determine eligibility. Upon approval, an eligibility number is issued, pivotal for proceeding to the subsequent steps.

Prometric Exam

The Prometric Exam, a multiple-choice test assessing various nursing specialties, is mandatory for nurse registration in Saudi Arabia. Passing requires a minimum of 45%, with three attempts allowed.

Professional Classification

Upon passing the Prometric Exam, SCFHS issues the “Professional Classification” within approximately two weeks. This classification enables travel to Saudi Arabia for the final stage through the hospital, your work sponsor, culminating in full licensure.

Work Visa and Permits

This process, taking 8-12 weeks, aligns with nursing registration. It involves documentation such as Nursing degree authentication, Police check, and Medical reports. Expert assistance is provided for paperwork completion and visa application.

Travel Preparation

Nursing Overview Saudi Arabia – Nursing Overview Saudi Arabia – With nursing registration and a work visa in hand, you’re set for travel. Our team at MNM offers comprehensive resources on Saudi Arabian culture and work life, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your arrival.

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